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Manual Handling #vetsthatlift

For a vast majority of employees in veterinary practice, the mention of manual handling training has been  little more than a whisper, in one ear and out the other. The mention of back pain and injury as well as strained muscles, cut hands and stubbed toes however is shout from the roof tops on a daily occurrence. Something doesn’t add up there, sure it doesn’t?

Personally, manual handling in veterinary practice is 100% underrated. Take your own clinic for example, how many of your colleges suffer with back problems or repeat strain injuries? From the minor to the major, manual handling related injuries are one of the most common in all working environments. Injuries can vary from crushed fingers or toes to bulging discs in the spine but are all as a result of poor manual handling skills. So why isn’t it taken more seriously? Even as a minimum, manual handling training is a requirement for business health and safety reports (I’m almost certain of that, but lets not quote me on it either)

With all of that in mind, we now offer manual handling training to veterinary practices throughout Ireland. We understand that there are numerous course providers across the nation, but we include veterinary specific material and tips for everyday practice. Our QQI qualified course tutor will come to you to provide training that would include lecture, practical and questionnaire all squeeze into no longer than 2 hours for a group of 6 to 8 people. Once completed each participant receives a certificate to say they are competent in manual handling which is valid for 2 years.

It is so important that as a community we look out for each other and that is exactly what we aim to do with this course.

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