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New Year, New Resolution!

As the new year begins to take shape we are all, no doubt thinking of some kind of new years resolution. Whether its giving up or starting something new, a new years resolution is often a great way to start afresh, leaving behind 2018 and looking to the future. Hello 2019!

We at VetLo Ireland have been doing just that. Though to tell you the truth a good new year’s resolutions has been difficult to cultivate. Like most people I’m sure, we to choose a resolution that is something attainable, something within reach. Ideally we want an intention that is easy enough to stick with but not too easy that you might encounter some slagging from friend and family. Lets be honest, criticism of any kind can be hard to take, even if it is meant as harmless fun.

With that, and after much deliberation, we have decided that our New Year’s resolution will be a consistently published monthly blog piece. Our posts got a great reaction in our first year of business, so why not give the people what they want?

We hope that 2019 will bring with it some improvements and changes to our website and sign up function, but we will keep you posted!

Please share with us your New Year’s resolution for 2019 and if you have any improvements you would like to see on our website let us know. Our recruitment agency is for you so you might as well have some input into its function!

We look forward to a new year and the new adventure it will bring,

Athbhliain faoi Mhais Duit!


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