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Weekly Words – RVN focused

Another week over and we are ending it on a sunny note. The rays are splitting the stones, so it’s time to take a minute and have a look back on some of the topics that caught our attention.

Our offices have been busy busy over the last 2 weeks finalising details of our recent alternative veterinary nursing opportunity, which has left us lagging behind when it comes to our blog updates. While we are most sincerely sorry for this we are super excited about the opportunity we have for RVNs.

The opportunity that I am obviously talking about is the chance to do promotional work with Bayer Pharmaceuticals. We have opened these positions to all Registered Irish Veterinary Nurses. As Bayer has a limited number of representatives working within Ireland, they require VCI approved professionals to help with a variety of things at different events throughout the country during the year. An opportunity such as this is a great alternative for RVNs that enjoy meeting new people and socializing, as opposed to extra night shifts.  It is important to note that this opportunity is not being advertised as a full time position but rather occasional event promotions. If you are interested in getting more information contact us at

Staying with RVN news, we are saddened to see the recent IVNU survey result which were released just last week. Most notable from this survey was the fact that ‘45% of RVNs in Ireland plan to leave the profession in five years or sooner’. With a background in veterinary nursing, personally this is both disappointing and understandable. I think it would be fair to say that veterinary nurses do not stay in the profession for the salary but rather for the job satisfaction. However it is apparent that the lack of recognition an RVN gets, for the amount they contribute to a practice is making job satisfaction very difficult to find. The work of the INVU in association with the IVNA I have no doubt will begin to cause ripples in the water and improve the profession as a whole.

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