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Working in a Negative Environment – Think of yourself!

The week is almost over and it’s hard to believe that the month of May has hit the half way mark already. We have had some amazing weather, and some not so amazing but as most Irish do, we are living for those sunny weekends  when there’s no need to bring the brollie or rain coat for ‘just in case’. When the weekend comes to any end though, how many of us feel the fear and dread of Monday mornings slog to work.

I touched on this over the weekend but the more I thought about it, the greater I thought it should be discussed as a topic of its own. So, tell me, how many of you out there genuinely dread or fear going into work on a Monday after the weekend? Some may even have that feeling every morning going into work. Please let me reassure you that this is not normal! In fact this is a real sign that you need to leave that job or change the circumstances of the role you’re in.

There are numerous different reasons behind work anxiety and a lot of those could be grouped into the unofficial category of negative environment. The term negative environment is very vague, but this allows individuals to placea name and associate the problem with something. A negative environment can be caused by colleagues, management or customers. Something as simple as that one colleague that nonstop gives out about the job, the salary, the office, the conditions. Negativity from one individual can slowly eat away at another’s moral and confidence. This potentially leads to anxiety for that person, coming into work day after day met with more negative comments. Similarly, bullying in the workplace. This can be subtle demoralising comments or blunt attacks on a person’s work. Sometimes it may not be a colleague creating a negative environment. Managers undervaluing staff is all too common in the workplace. Praise and appreciation may not be rewarded but mistakes are certainly ridiculed. Unfortunately then all too often, our heads can become impaired and begin tuning into a negative mind-set. When the time comes that negativity is brought home from work, then it’s time to re-evaluate that job. Think of yourself, your head and your health.


Work environments, while I’m not saying they should be your place to relax, they should a comfortable and productive environment. You should work in an environment where you can meet and go beyond your potential. A place where your achievements are recognised and encouraged. An environment that doesn’t bring the absolute fear of god into you every Monday morning. You deserve that at least!

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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