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Manual Handling #vetsthatlift

For a vast majority of employees in veterinary practice, the mention of manual handling training has been  little more than a whisper, in one ear and out the other. The mention of back pain and injury as well as strained muscles, cut hands and stubbed toes however is shout from the roof tops on a daily occurrence. Something doesn’t add

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Interview Tips

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘Do one thing every day that scares you’. For myself, and no doubt the vast majority of us, being probed with questions during an interview definitely counts as something scary. Of course it does, it doesn’t matter how many interviews you’ve done. I like to compare the process to a live actor getting up on stage

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New Grad Programmes

Here in Ireland our new grad vets are limited when it comes to what’s on offer in terms of graduate programmes. More so if you’re a veterinary nurse then you can be sure there’s really nothing on offer. So why, unlike our neighbours in the UK, have we so little to offer for new graduates? For recently graduated vets the

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Handle your finances

For the majority of new grads or young veterinary professionals, often times finances or even financial stability maybe not by high on the list of priorities. It is more likely that the list is focused around finding a job, travelling or for some the possibility of returning to college.  None the less it is important to remember that some kind

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Weekly words

The weekend is coming to an end and that surely means back to the working routine tomorrow. Sunday evening lamenting can often be a weekly reoccurrence for some, but speaking from a personal perspective there is nothing like having a job that doesn’t result in absolute dread when the weekend finishes. So with that, put up the feet on this

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