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Our primary service is to serve veterinary practices and veterinary professionals – vets and vet nurses. We offer vets and vet nurses the opportunity to register for FREE with our agency allowing them to view all our current availabilities, both permanent and temporary. Veterinary practices can also register for FREE to avail of our sourcing service. Best of all, we don’t charge until we have successfully placed a candidate in the position.


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We have introduced manual handling courses as an additional service for veterinary practices throughout the country. With staff health and safety a growing importance within practices it is a necessity that clinics teach their employees how to safely and correctly manage heavy and often times awkward loads.




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We offer vets and vet nurses the opportunity to submit their CV for complete structure and content review. The submission is completely confidently and CVs are erased after final review unless the candidate should wish otherwise. An evaluation is returned to the candidate that includes advice and recommendations to improving the CV overall. The returned evaluation is constructive advice which candidates are in no way obligated to follow.




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